Four Western Cape club members produced some of the top 3 highest scoring images in the March and April PSSA Junior and Senior Club and Website competitions. Didi Franklin’s Crab for lunch (Fish Hoek) was the first runner up in the March Junior Club competition (see featured image), while in the April Senior competition Mom and twins (see below) by Lorne Sulcas from Fish Hoek was the first runner-up in and Crighton Klassen’s Sunset over Table Mountain was the second runner-up in the same competition, entered by Hermanus. In the March website competition Sundowners from David Barnes of Tygerberg Photographic Society was the first runner-up.

March junior clubMarch scorePSSA Pos MarchWCPF POS MarchAuthor
Fish Hoek Photographic  Society4121Didi Franklin – Crab for lunch
Cape Town Photographic Society36142Paul-Boer Putter – De Kelders
Creative Camera Club35173Chris Kinross – Squabble
Schools – Charlie Hofmeyer HS35173Charl Conradie – Macrobulb
Hermanus Photographic Society34235Rene Pretorius – Just Another Franskaai Sunset
Tafelberg  Fotografieklub34235Kobie Stapelberg – Namibia
Schools WC Photographers33287Thomas Bothe – Therons Pass
Witzenberg Photographic Society33287Karien Le Roux – Pomp
Schools – Christelike Malmesbury31409Jaco Louw – Versameling
Swartland Fotografieklub304610Ciszanne Crous – Perfect Timing
Tygerberg Photographic Society275412Michael West – Pollinator
April Junior ClubApril scorePSSA Pos AprilWC Pos AprilAuthor
Creative Camera Club3751Chris Kinross – Territorial Imperative
Cape Town Photographic Society36102Sally-Ann Spooner – Shimmering beauty
Tygerberg Photographic Society36102Sharon Nowacki-Olsen – Hands
Fish Hoek Photographic  Society34254Kate Graham – Lusitano
Paarl Photographic Club34254Alida Heine – Touch Down
Schools – Charlie Hofmeyer HS34254Charl Conradie – Leopard
Swartland Fotografieklub33317Ciszanne Crous – Family Time
Witzenberg Photographic Society31428Cristopher Andrews – Pink
Hermanus Photographic Society30459Mari Botes – Ready for Retirement
Schools – Christelike Malmesbury30459Marco du Plooy – Natuurprag
Schools WC Photographers30459Zanel Vermeulen – Vroegoggend by Montpellier

The PSSA monthly club competition rules state (see PSSA website): If you are a member of two or more clubs and you have won the Senior or Junior Image in one of your clubs, do not enter this image into any of your other clubs, or into the website competition in the same Competition year which runs from July of one year to June the following year.

Therefore, Crighton’s image entered by Hermanus in the April Senior Club competition, caused some controversy because Creative Camera Club had entered it in the PSSA September Junior Club competition, where it was declared the winner – an honour that Crighton declined because he had gained PSSA Honours and competed as a Master Photographer at another club and therefore did not believe it was fair of him to compete against juniors.

‘Mom and twins’ by Lorne Sulcas of Fish Hoek was the first runner-up in the April Senior Club competition.

March Senior March scorePSSA POS MarchWCPF POS MarchAuthor
Witzenberg Photographic Society3951Mariana Visser – Harmony pool
Helderberg Photographic Society3862Issi Potgieter – Stallion War
Creative Camera Club36223Michele-Ann Nel – Early morning games
Paarl Photographic Club36223Christo Giliomee – Malachite with Snack
Tafelberg Fotografieklub36223Charl Tait – Party fun during Covid
Cape Town Photographic Society35316Sonja Grunbauer – An estate home
Hermanus Photographic Society35316Crighton Klassen – The Tower
Swartland Fotografieklub35316Herman Olivier – So High
Tygerberg Photographic Society34419Bennie Vivier – Anchored
Fish Hoek Photographic Society305110Evelyn Lyle – Rust art
April senior April scorePSSA Pos AprilWC Pos AprilAuthor
Fish Hoek Photographic Society4021Lorne Sulcas – Mom and twins
Hermanus Photographic Society3932Crighton Klassen – Sunset Table Mountain
Tygerberg Photographic Society37123David Barnes – TIMBUKTU
Creative Camera Club36234William Ferris – Window
Witzenberg Photographic Society36234Phillip de Lange – Concrete Art
Cape Town Photographic Society34346Kim Stevens – Posing palmato gecko
Helderberg Photographic Society34346Fiona Nell – Half Way Home
Swartland Fotografieklub32468Herman Olivier – Mesmerized
Paarl Photographic Club31479Andre Stipp – Shredded

Clubs and photographers should also take note of the PSSA website competition rules (see here) which states: if you win the website competition within the Competition year July to June the following year, you must not enter it into any of your clubs Senior or Junior competitions during this time.

In March the image Sundowners by David Barnes of Tygerberg was the first runner-up (see below).

March WebsiteMarch scorePSSA Pos MarchWCPF Pos MarchEntry
David Barnes4121SUNDOWNERS
Michele-Ann Nel36113Raindrops
Carina de Klerk35195Tri-Colour Alice Lane
Mariana Visser35195This too shall pass
Theo Potgieter35195Knysna Dawn
Bennie Vivier34248Chained hardship hands
Charles Naude34248Group Portrait
Elizma Fourie323610In Slow Flight
David Wilson313810Bentley
Phillip De Lange304212The old barn
Louise De Lange274613Dandelion
April WebsiteApril ScorePSSA Pos AprilWC Pos AprilEntry
Bennie Vivier3761Mother hippo protecting her young
Charles Naude3761Mommys Darling
Crighton Klassen3761The Desolate Jetty
David Wilson3694Bookworm
Mariana Visser3694Salutation to the moon
David Barnes35127Sky High
Michele-Ann Nel35127Early Morning Games
Theo Potgieter35127Dust Storm
Louise De Lange341510Louise de Lange
Dieter Butow331611Abandoned West-Coast diaond mine
Phillip De Lange331611Exposed